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Date 2024-05-10

Reconceptualizing L2 Writing Instruction in the AI Era 

– Speech from Dr. Paul Kei Matsuda


Title: Reconceptualizing L2 Writing Instruction in the AI Era

Time: 14:00~17:00, May 30th, 2024 (Thu) 

Venue: Xue Si Building 040201(NCCU)

Speaker: Dr. Paul Kei Matsuda

Sign-up link: https://forms.gle/GXqzQSNBuQmV3Cgm9


Artificial Intelligence—especially generative AI—has become a hot topic, and educators and policy makers are scrambling to figure out what to do. Some are excited about the new tools while many are afraid it is going to compromise student learning. Some even see the advent of generative AI as a threat to career opportunities for themselves and for their students. In this presentation, we will explore what we know and what we do not know about the emerging AI technologies and their implications for teaching writing. We will also discuss what we can do to use AI productively while avoiding the possible pitfalls for learning. 


Speaker’s information:


Paul Kei Matsuda is Professor of English and Director of Second Language Writing at Arizona State University, where he works closely with doctoral students specializing in second language writing from various disciplinary perspectives. He has published widely in applied linguistics, writing studies and TESOL, and has received a number of prestigious awards for his publications. He uses a diverse array of theoretical and methodological tools to investigate topics such as disciplinary history, identity in written discourse, professional development, writing for publication, writing and language assessment, teaching and learning, and writing program administration.


More information about Dr. Paul Kei Matsuda can be seen on his webpage: https://pmatsuda.net/about


Note: This speech will be delivered in English.


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