Talk: Task engagement and technology use across the disciplines (2019/3/14)

Poster:Betty TengPost date:2019-03-07

Lecturer: Prof. Joy EgbertCollege of Education, Washington State University; https://education.wsu.edu/jegbert/

TESOL Journal 2016-2018主編;

Topic: Task engagement and technology use across the disciplines

Time: March 14Thurs.):1010~1200

Venue: International Bldg. 360201 (TESOL Lab)

Abstract: Task engagement is generally defined as the level of involvement in a task. Catalysts for task engagement noted in the literature include authenticity, interest, a challenge/skills balance, an autonomy/structure balance, social interaction, and support (including just-in-time feedback). Additional constructs such as “playfulness” are under study. Applying these facilitators of task engagement to technology use may help teachers mediate factors in the environment external to the classroom and lead to more equitable access to learning, better integration of disciplines and topics, and greater learner achievement. This presentation/workshop will describe how task engagement and technology use might be integrated effectively into language tasks. A variety of technologies will be presented and discussed, and participants will create a sample task for their own students to share with colleagues. As time permits, participants will also take part in a task to help them experience engaging technology-enhanced language learning.

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