Riki / 第五卷第一期目錄



Special Issue "The Making of Barbarians in Western Literature"

◎ Henk Vynckier
Behold the Franks: Amin Maalouf’s The Crusades through Arab Eyes Revisited
Brian Reynolds
From Urban Barbarity to Divine Order: Dante’s Dream of a New Civic Disposition for Europe
◎ Chen-chih Liao廖貞智
The Cultured Barbarian: The Saracen princess in Bevis of Hampton
Full Paper
Literary and Cultural Criticism
◎ Neil W. Bernstein
Locus Amoenus and Locus Horridus in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
◎ Denise Ming-yueh Wang王明月
Loci of Solitude: the Idea of “Pryvetee” in Chaucer
Full Paper
◎ Dong Feng馮冬
Full Paper
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