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       The WENSHAN Review
Founded in 1995, The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture is a refereed, generalist journal with an emphasis on original research into Western and Eastern literatures and cultures. Issued biannually in both print and online versions, the journal is based in the Department of English at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan, and has distinguished itself for its interdisciplinary purview, comparative nature, and two languages (English and Chinese) of publication. The journal is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography and the Taiwan Humanities Citation Index Core (THCI Core). It is ranked amongst the top journals of literature and culture accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Members of the editorial team and advisory board cover almost all research areas of literary and cultural studies, and include chair professors, outstanding and prize-winning scholars, and elected Fellows of the British Academy, the American Academy, the Academia Europea, and the Royal Society of Canada. Research articles and book reviews are welcome and so are proposals for special issues. Normally, reviews of articles are completed within three months. All queries and manuscripts should be sent to wsreview@nccu.edu.tw.
Editorial Team                                                     International Advisory Board
Editor-in-Chief: Shun-liang Chao                   Ros Ballaster
NCCU, Taiwan                                                Mansfield College, Oxford, UK
Associate Editor: Chih-hsin Lin                      Rachel Bowlby, FBA
NCCU, Taiwan                                                Princeton, USA/University College London, UK
Book Review Editor: Delphine Grass             Han-liang Chang, FLS
Lancaster University, UK*                              Fudan University, China/NTU, Taiwan
                                                                         Ying-hsiung Chou
Editorial Board                                                NCTU, Taiwan
Chun-yen Chen                                                Kevin Corrigan
NTNU, Taiwan                                                Emory University, USA 
Yen-bin Chiou                                                 Pamela K. Gilbert 
NCCU, Taiwan                                               University of Florida, USA
Pin-chia Feng                                                  Timothy Mathews 
NCTU, Taiwan                                               University College London, UK
Earl Jackson, Jr.                                              Cristanne Miller
NCTU, Taiwan                                               SUNY Buffalo, USA
Susan Oliver                                                   Morton D. Paley
University of Essex, UK*                              UC, Berkeley, USA  
Hsiao-yen Peng                                              Claude Rawson, FAAS
Academia Sinica, Taiwan                              Yale University, USA 
David Porter                                                   Peter Sabor, FRSC 
University of Michigan, USA*                      McGill University, Canada 
T. J. Sellari                                                     Monika Schmitz-Emans
NCCU, Taiwan                                              Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany 
Eli Park Sorensen                                          Elinor Shaffer, FBA  
Seoul National University, South Korea*     SAS, London/Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK
Emily Sun                                                     Yasunari Takada 
NTHU, Taiwan/Barnard College, USA*      University of Tokyo, Japan 
Karen L. Thornber                                        Andrew Taylor
Harvard University, USA*                           University of Edinburgh, UK
Hsiu-chih Tsai                                              Jonathan White 
NTU, Taiwan                                               University of Essex, UK 
Laurence Williams                                       Robert White 
University of Tokyo, Japan*                        University of Western Australia, Australia 

*Corresponding members

Submission Guidelines 

Articles submitted toThe Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture must conform to the following guidelines to be considered for review: 

1. Authors must confirm that submissions are not under review anywhere else.
2. Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word electronically with a title, an abstract of 150-250 words, and six keywords.
3. Manuscripts are to have 2 line spacing and must not exceed 10,000 words (including footnotes and works cited). Book reviews must not exceed 3,000 words.
4. Manuscripts must be prepared for anonymous refereeing. Name, title, affiliation, and contact information including e-mail address should be provided on a separate sheet. Self-identifying references should be removed and previous works by the author cited in third person.
5. Use the MLA style.
6. British or American spelling is acceptable, but authors should use one consistently throughout.
7. The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture reserves the right to make editorial changes to accepted manuscripts.
8. Contributors must guarantee that their manuscripts do not infringe upon the rights of third parties.
9. Contributors must sign the Copyright License Agreement for NCCU Scholarly Journals Online and our website.
10. Contributors receive publication-ready PDF files and two copies of the journal issue in which their articles are published.
11. Contributors must obtain written permission from the copyright owner of any illustration or photograph, prior to submission.



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  7. Volume 2, Number 1
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  9. Volume 3, Number 1
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  11. Volume 4, Number 1
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  15. Volume 6, Number 1
  16. Volume 6, Number 2
  17. Volume 7, Number 1
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